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Click on the check box to enable an optional layer. The '+' and '-' buttons change the transparency, to download the layer as 'kmz' file (for Google Earth) and to download the layer data as .zip or geotiff file.

Main Layers
You can toggle between the different variable options for the layers such as temperature, salinity, velocity, etc.
Optional Layers
These are the layers that you can choose optionally to display or not. You can place as many optional layers as you want on a single map.
Google E.
Downloads the main layer as KML, a Google Earth format.
You can modify the transparency of the main layers as well as the transparency of the selected optional layers.
Custom filter
Use the cql filter to filter data that you would like to view. For example if you want to view all the sailbouy points where it has measure a ct_temperature level of greater than 20. Then you input into the cql filter: ct_temperature > 20.
Custom filter
Available filters:: time, ct_temperature, ct_conductivity, oxygen, saturation, oxy_temperature, salinity
This is a CQL filter text box. Possible options:
Boolean Comparison Chars Reg. Exp.
=,<>, <,
% (any)

Examples (review available filters):
     time > '2013-01-01'
     year > 2008 AND year < 2011
     temperature > 10 OR salinity >= 1
     year IN (2012,2013) AND date < '8/10/2013'
     name LIKE 'John%' AND year < 2013

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